About Us

David & Lori Crank

-Farmers & Poultry Processors

Our Principles

Natural Food

A natural diet (appropriate to each species) without hormones, antibiotics, other

 medications, appetite stimulants or other chemicals. Our poultry feed consists of certified organic  - non-GMO - ingredients (grains, legumes). The land also provides plenty of grass and leaves to meet the requirements of the goats, and grass and bugs for the poultry.

Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture with environmental concern - taking care not to pollute or wear out the land. We do not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides on our farm.

Humane Treatment

Concern for the welfare of our animals. Allowing chickens to be chickens and goats to be goats. Providing a healthy outdoor environment with grass, sunshine, fresh air, opportunity to exercise, and plenty of room to grow without overcrowding.

A Fair Price

Producing healthy food this way is more expensive, and we do have to make a profit. Yet we try to make our food as available to lower income folks as possible by not charging the highest price the market will bear.

The Farm Name: Oaks of Mamre Farm

This name comes from the Bible in the book of Genesis. It was a place that Abraham lived fro a time. The most significant event that happened there was in Genesis 18, when "the Lord appeared to him by the oaks of Mamre". This was a remarkable instance of God appearing and speaking to man, and bringing a message that Sarah would bear a child at about 90 years of age! When Sarah laughed at this assertion, the response from God was , "Is anything too difficult for the Lord?"  This was also the near the place where Sarah and Abraham were eventually buried.

We chose this name as God had also worked wondrously in our lives, providing more children when we thought no more were possible, making it possible for us to purchase this place and build our own home with our own hands, debt free, etc. It has been a place where many "impossibilities" have proved possible for us, and where we have drawn near to God. (And it does also have a lot of oak trees!).


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