Farm Products : Pastured Chickens,Eggs & Turkeys

Pastured Eggs from Organically Fed Hens  - $8/dozen

We offer mixed brown and blue/green eggs from pastured hens fed with organic feed, and having access to grass and bugs and plenty of exercise. The blue/green eggs are from Americana hens.

Pastured & Organically Fed Chickens - $6/lb.

We raise Cornish Cross meat chickens on pasture and carefully process them ourselves, without chemicals, in our state approved processing facility.  They are available as whole frozen chickens, unless ordered either fresh or cut up in advance of our summer and fall harvesting.

Pastured & Organically Fed Turkeys – (prices vary by date reserved)

We raise Broad Breasted White turkeys on pasture for the Thanksgiving season. They must generally be reserved in advance with a deposit and are available fresh for Thanksgiving. We also usually have some frozen turkey parts available at Thanksgiving and often for a few months following. Turkeys come in a variety of weights – you can request the approximate size you would like. Contact us for more information.

What do we mean by “Pastured”?

"Pastured" chickens are what we used to call "free-range" - until the USDA defined "free-range" to mean merely "access to the outdoors," which was interpreted by industrial farm organic producers as raising chickens in huge confinement houses and opening small doors to a small concrete porch for a few weeks of their lives - if the weather was good.

So when we say "pastured chickens" OR “pastured turkeys”,  we mean birds that have spent all but the early weeks of their lives living outdoors on pasture. They spend their day foraging and eating, sunning themselves - enjoying the happy chicken or turkey life outdoors (but with portable shelters to retreat to in times of rain or for shade).

What do we mean by “organically fed” ?

By “organically fed” we mean our poultry is fed certified organic (non-GMO) feed and that they graze on pastures that meet or exceed organic standards (pastures have not been treated with herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers in at least the last 20+ years and perhaps never). However, neither our farm nor thus our farm products are “certified organic.”


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