Poultry Processing

Serving: Waller, Montgomery, Austin, Grimes, Washington, Harris , Brazos Counties

Processing Chickens & Turkeys:

- from backyard flocks

- from 4H & FFA shows

- from county fairs & livestock shows


Chickens:                                                $ 7  each

Turkeys (< 20 lbs finished wt):          $12 each

Turkeys (20-29 lbs finished wt):       $18 each

Turkeys (30 + lbs finished wt):          $25 each


(Finished weight is usually about 70-75% of live weight)


   Developed By :

Digital Life Productions

** Note : We are NOT an inspected poultry processing plant. We are approved by the Texas State Health Department for Custom Poultry Processing – we process your birds for your personal use – not for sale to others.